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Occupied Staging

For homeowners choosing to occupy their homes while on the market, Elev8 Designs will offer recommendations to maximize your space and provide optimal flow to give your home a fresh marketable look. Our design team will work with your existing furniture to tastefully pair pieces from our warehouse collection to transform and elevate each space.

You should consider:

Are You Ready to Transform Your Listing?

Vacant Staging

Whether sellers know it or not, prospective homebuyers are heavily influenced by their first impression of a respective property. Todays house hunter is more knowledgeable and will often decide within a matter of seconds if they are interested in a house. Therefore, it is imperative to void the property of any potential drawbacks or visually unappealing characteristics. A bad first impression may be all that is needed for a potential buyer to avoid looking at a property. Whether online or in person, that first impression sets the tone for the entire experience. Let Elev8 Designs provide recommendations and showcase your home to enhance the sellability of your property so that you can receive a better return on your investment.


We want to make your vacation rental property captivating and inviting to your viable tenants and guests. Whether long term or short term rental properties, rental staging will set your property apart from the competition, inspire confidence in potential renters and help attract the right candidate. A small investment in rental staging can keep your income property from sitting empty for too long, so it’s making you money rather than losing it.



We offer online e-design services and packages regardless of your location. This exciting design experience is a do-it-yourself decorating solution that provides you with a master plan for creating a professionally designed space or entire home that you can implement at your own pace. It’s an affordable alternative to the traditional way of hiring a designer for full range of services since everything is delivered to you electronically. You provide us with your room size, photos and we will custom design your personal inspiration boards full of exciting suggestions for your project

Your Digital Room Design Plan will include:

Color Consultation

It can be an overwhelming decision choosing a color scheme to suit your property and your personal preference. There a several factors one should consider when choosing paint colors for their home which can be identified with a certified color consultatnt. We provide color consultations with professional guidance that gives you enjoyment and peace of mind during the process.

Our color consulting includes:


Holiday Decor

Elev8 Designs offers Seasonal and Holiday Decor. Our holiday design specialists will analyze your space and discuss holiday design ideas that will work with your footprint. Our designers will skillfully create your home to look unique and beautiful with a concept that will complement and flow with your existing interior decor. We also offer install and take down services providing you with a stress free holiday season for your family.



Office Desk

Home stagers are responsible for taking a home and transforming it into a space that potential buyers can envision themselves living in. To help the property sell as fast as possible and at top dollar, the process normally involves de-cluttering, depersonalizing, and redesigning the interior and exterior of the home

Homeowners may feel their house already looks great, however, potential buyers may disagree. As a home stager, we can see the house as a potential buyer would view it. We are an unbiased third party that can provide ideas on how to make the space appeal to the vast majority.

Unlike homeowners, home stagers are experienced professionals that are knowledgeable of current design trends and can effectively highlight a home’s best features.

Ideally, a house should be staged before it is listed. By doing this, the house will present well for MLS photos or flyers that the realtor will promote.

Even if your house is already on the market, it is never too late to stage. Keep in mind that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so it’s always best that the house looks stunning during the early stages of your listing!

This is usually the question homeowners ask. We offer a fixed rate for the job. Rates can vary based on the size of the house, the location, whether the property is vacant or occupied, or the amount of time that is required to complete the job.

Ideally, yes; however, some areas can be omitted in the effort to reduce staging costs. Areas such as the foyer, living room, dining room, kitchen, and master bedroom are considered key features of a home and should always be staged.

During the consultation, we will discuss with you what items can remain or be stored. This usually involves the removal of personal items and clutter. Once this is done, the remaining pieces may be repurposed or moved to open up and brighten a room.

We provide the necessary furniture and accessories to enhance the marketability of your home.

We provide 30 day rentals with an option to renew at preferential rates

Our team excels in completing in one day

Yes, we are licensed, bonded and insured